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Our Yoga strap is a tried and true accessory to get bendy, and bendier.

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Real Yogi, real reviews

Soft and sturdy

Bought this to stretch my leg after a knee injury. The loop straps are easy to place your foot into, even if you are wearing shoes. I will continue to use this to stretch even after I am recovered. Quality, sturdy material.

— onthefly

Wow my big mat is so easy to carry now!

I love this strap it works great for my extra thick and bulky yoga mat, I should have bought this ages ago! It works with different sizes and thickness I got the larger size since I have a plus size yoga mat.

— Laura Lindsay

Works well instead of the pettibon wobble chair

I bought it for the home use instead of the pettibon wobble chair they use at my chiropractor’s office. It works great, just as efficient at the fraction of the cost of pettibon chair

— Val

Easy to use

For me, rolling this under my foot isn't enough. I need to stand on it while rolling it back and forth. Since it is tough and durable this works well.

— B.L.M

Good for restorative and yin yoga

Although it was vacuume sealed flat upon arrival it plumped up within a couple hours. I took it out early afternoon and was using it with the same evening. Sturdy without feeling hard; the right width and height for average spine so far but we’ll see after some wear…

— Ryan Johnson

Get your strap on!

If you do yoga, these straps are perfect for you. They are well made and sturdy. Don't hesitate!

— Bolts